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Dear Friend

Okay, follow along as I tell you this story...

I'll wind the clock back around 4 years, give or take.

I was having a chat with an Internet-marketing friend of mine in Australia... and this question popped up...

"How can we prove to an audience that they can make a profitable online business... fast... (even if they had zero experience), without them being skeptical?"

You see, for a long time now, there have been a swarm of "pretend-experts" floating around... promising the world and delivering... well... nothing!

All fluff


Rehashed & recycled...

Watered down strategies that simply DON'T work!

So what happened?

You guessed it... People got STUNG and lost money... To the point where people became skeptical about almost everything to do with making money online...

I don't blame them.

The problem was... what I was doing online was WORKING! Big time.

So as an attempt to PROVE to everyone that it was possible, an idea was born. The idea was to do a...

LIVE demonstration (in front of 300+ people) to create a profitable online business from scratch in 72 hours!

No tricks – no smokes and mirrors – but a true REAL-TIME, RAW, LIVE demonstration for all to see.

Let me set the scene here...

I randomly pulled a lady from the crowd and invited her to join me on stage.

This lady had ZERO experience about making money online. No kidding.

We're talking about an absolute Internet NEWBIE!

Great. The perfect test...

The challenge was to work with her, side-by-side, and build her very own moneymaking website in under 72hours – from scratch.

The clock was ticking... 300 sets of eyes watching my every move.

Okay, enough build up. Here's what happened.... Starting with nothing more than a blank screen... and a crazy idea... We made...

$22,007 In Under 72 Hours!

Of course, we gave the lady the whole $22,007 and it was nothing short of life changing. But here's the coolest part...

If you add up all the hours spent setting it up... like building a website, product, and traffic... the tally would be WELL UNDER 6-hours!!

Yep, just 6 hours of actual work – "Set and Forget" – then watch the sales roll in.

That's a staggering $3,679.00 per hour!

But don't get too impressed... I was about to learn a MASSIVE lesson that changed my whole direction... I'll tell you about it in second.

But first, there's more to this story. Moving on...

So, it was decided – We'll do more of these LIVE demonstrations.

Instead of running you through each scenario... I'll let the pictures do the talking:

Success StoriesSuccess StoriesSuccess Stories

Impressive right? Don't be fooled... Here's the...

Behind-The-Scene Story
That's NEVER been told before

STOP! --- Suspend your excitement...

Here's the other side of the story you've probably never heard before...

You see, after the dust settled... I realized there was a problem.

A big problem.

YES, it's true... I made between $22,000 and $50,000 – not once - but 6 times - in less than 72 hours – live on stage.

PLUS, I showed the audience exactly how it was done. I mean... that was the plan all along... To give people the BELIEF that it was possible.

But here's what I found...

For the most part... It didn't work. Don't get me wrong... the techniques and methods I was using worked (obviously), but for the most part... the people in the audiences weren't following through and doing it for themselves.

Let me explain a different way...

You see, every time I flew back to Australia for another LIVE demonstration, I'd always spend time chatting to people in the crowd. And here's what found...

AMAZINGLY... Most people had come back, year after year, but STILL hadn't really done much.

One lady came up to me and said,

"Hi Sean, guess what? For the first time, I've finally made some money online! I made $9.45", said the lady.

"Congratulations, that's fantastic. So how long have you been trying?" I asked.

"Around 2-years. I saw your presentation around 2 years ago, but I didn't really know how to build a website, so it's taken me a while", she replied.

Okay, stop right there.

I remember thinking... "2 YEARS??? That's crazy. It doesn't have to be that hard."

You see, at the seminar, I practically walked through the whole process, step by step, so the attendees know EXACTLY what to do.

All they had to do was simply apply what they learnt.

Simple, right?

Umm... WRONG!  

You've heard it before... You can lead a horse to water, but you can't force them to drink!

Anyway, moving on. Here's what I found

After nearly 20 years experience with developing businesses online... I've identified why 99% of people struggle to make a decent buck from the Internet. Take note:

  • Don't know how to put a website up – (easy fixed, you'll see)
  • Don't know what to sell? (I've made this really simple for you)
  • Don't know how to get traffic (Not hard when you know how)

Believe it or not... but that's pretty much it!

Well... that's not entirely true. If you want the WHOLE complete picture... thereare actually 5 steps to making a successful online business.

You see...

"I want to help you make an ONGOING income
stream from your own BUSINESS online"

And not from a one-hit-wonder website that makes money short-term then fizzes out...

I wanna show you how to make an EVERLASTING income from a sustainable online business...

And to do that... There are 5 (only 5) things that you need to master.

  • Know your target market
  • Know what product will sell
  • Website construction
  • Generate traffic
  • Build a list

Friend, if you can successfully tick all 5 of these boxes, then you've solved the money riddle for making money online. Period.

Think about this... Imagine NEVER stressing again over:
  • Not being able to buy what you want... when you want
  • Not going on the holidays of your choice,
  • Not being able to help out family or charities
  • Not being able to keep your debt down
  • Not living in the house of your dreams
  • Not having time to follow your passion or hobby

Look, sure, money doesn't buy happiness... but it SURE CAN lift a mountain of stress from your life.

And that's what I'm here to help YOU do...

Turn Your Internet Connection
Into An Income Injection...

But like I hinted before... knowing WHAT to do... doesn't mean it will MAKE it happen... You can't bank on "good intentions".

You need a proven system to follow... and an action-takers attitude.

Now, if you can bring an action-takers attitude to the table... then I can take care of the rest for you. No problem.

In fact... after years of trial and error... I'll come out and say this... I believe I have the most automated, plug-n-play, simple-to-follow system for making money online today.

Hands down.

Big call? Well, not once you know what I know. And I want to prove it to you. Here's how...


The most talked about seminar for making money online for 2014

Web Success Secret

"I'm doing something that I've never done before"

In fact... I don't think anyone has done anything like this before...

Let me explain...

In a whirlwind tour of 8 (eight) different cities around Australia in a 2-week period... I will be showing ordinary everyday Aussie's (just like you), how to create their own personal online moneymaking business – from scratch!!!

But it gets better...

Not only will I be explaining how to do this in a simple and easy-to-understand style... but I will SHOW you by example on the day. What I mean by that is...

"It's so simple, that I'll even pull a complete
newbie from the crowd and get them to create a potentially profitable website from SCRATCH...
Right In Front Of Your Eyes... PLUS...

At Every Event I Will Give Someone
A "Ready-To-Go" Online Business

Let me say that again... (it's worth repeating) I will chose one person (possibly you) to use my simple system to create a profitable business right in front of the audience (it's easy when you know how) – PLUS – I will gift another person a complete "done-for-you" web business!! Pretty cool huh?

Imagine... You, walking in totally green... then by the end of the day (only one day) you will know exactly what it takes to create an ongoing passive income online for yourself!!!

Or better still...

You get picked from the room to have Sean and his team help you create your very own turn-key profitable website... for FREE!

But let me cut in here for a second. If you're thinking...

Yeah, but I NEVER get picked for stuff like that...

Okay, here's the truth.

The biggest benefit for you attending this event is NOT to (hopefully) win the prize of me handing you a ready-made online business. Nope. Not even close.

Because I will be SHOWING you how to do it yourself anyway... In simple, easy-to-follow steps... So your BIG reason to attend is purely just to be IN THE ROOM because you'll....

Walk in totally green and by the end of
the day you'll know how to start your own
passive online business in a flash!

Here's some of the gem you'll walk away with...

  • Instantly PLUG INTO a ready-to-go moneymaking website that Google FEARS the most (and it's not Facebook or Apple) 
  • How to tap into over 400-Million primed-and-ready-to-buy, credit card using customers... Waiting to buy from you....
  • How to Run a web-based business in one hour or less a day and have 90% of the required day-to-day tasks done for you...automatically
  • Secret to get your website built for you and how to double, even triple your income with multiple content-rich websites that search engines absolutely love..
  • Million Dollar advise on how to use other folks to handle all the "tech stuff" for you at little or zero cost, so you can focus directly on your business...
  • PLUS, how to cash-in on affiliate marketing...Advertise other people's products on your sites and earn huge commissions...again all on autopilot...
  • Why you should be very cautious of Google and Facebook! And How to Secure Original Content - unique and fresh for your chosen niche--articles focused on your keywords, to make sure you maintain a steady stream of buyers to your site.
  • The "Million-Dollar-look" Custom Graphics secret - during the seminar you'll discover how to get professional graphic designers to create your site with its own custom graphic design. You get a sharp, professional header appropriate for your niche, and a choice of color schemes.
  • Secret Weapon Revealed on the night. Discover Sean's secret keyword system to pull traffic from the Internet like bees to honey.
  • The AMAZING "underground, little known" web portal that literally blows the doors off sites like Facebook and Google when it comes to starting a
  • Discover the single best website in the world that allows you to manage your entire business and practically take care of almost EVERYTHING for you... faster and easier than you could possibly imagine... all on this one amazing site...Sound interesting?
  • And that's only a tiny (very tiny) glimpse... There's
    a lot more...
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"Look...Millions of People Are Already
Making Money Online... What About You?"

If you've been sitting on the Internet sidelines - or if you're already an Internet 'big shot' and want to take it to the next level - don't hate yourself later for missing this once-off event.

Who Should Definitely Attend This Workshop

  1. Anyone currently in business - The Internet is a rapidly growing phenomenon you can't afford to ignore.
  2. Anyone considering going into business - It's absolutely necessary to know where the Internet fits into your plan.
  3. Anyone who wants to stop wasting time & money learning the hard way - we have already made the mistakes so you don't have to.
  4. Anyone interested in wealth creation and passive income - the Internet either, because it's already responsible for more "rapid" self made millionaires than any thing else in history.
  5. Anyone wanting a quantum leap / breakthrough on the ‘Net – If you're already make money online – this will turbo-charge everything you are doing.
  6. Anyone wanting to retire early with an ongoing stable cash-flow – this could be exactly what you're looking for.
  7. Anyone wanting to start an online business – but don't know where to start - this can save you the time, money and irritation.

Be Warned...This is NOT Get Rich Quick...
It's Get Wealthy Steady

If your new years resolution was to make more money this year than you did last year, or to achieve more success in your life, then this workshop is especially important for you because it may be easier than you think...

While most people use the Internet for checking emails, booking airfares, searching for information, and playing on YouTube and Facebook, there are a growing number of everyday ordinary Australians who are turning their Internet connection into a regular income injection... and "No"... it's not just the high-tech computer geeks either.


When all is said and done, the Internet really is the moneymaking, wealth building; profit machine... just like the dreamers said it was...

If you have ever laid in bed at night, eyes wide opened, mind racing around faster than the speed of light, secretly wishing and hoping for a way to earn an extra few thousand bucks (or more) each month on-going...

...And if you have no objections with jacking up your bank account significantly each month with regular ongoing income... sometimes only spending just 2hours a week online (No experience needed) totally bypassing any steep learning curve...

Then you'd better clear your diary, organize a baby sitter, grab your partner or a friend, arm yourself with paper and pen, and reserve your seats to be in the room when Sean strips back and reveals this NEW online income solution.

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Or call 1300 956 757 to claim your Free Seat

Here's the reality: Suspend your disbelief and ask yourself this question...

Would you trade 1 single day...
If you knew you could make an extra
$10K, $20K, $50K, $100K or more this year?

Because in just 1 day... I will be delivering content never seen before in Australia. In fact, I'd be ashamed in NOT going – because this truly is - sorry for the cliché – a "once in a lifetime" opportunity that you may deeply regret not attending.

For Men or Women Wanting To Retire the "Smart" Way...

  • If you had to choose one (and only one) event to attend this year...
  • If you had to choose only one speaker to listen and learn from
    this year...
  • If you could apply just one cash-flow strategy that was easy to implement and manage (even for the busiest person)

Then this event is it... might as well get a head start this year... because the months are already flying by, right?

This is your classic "MUST SEE" event...

So what's stopping you?

Beware of the
"Procrastination Stopper"

I must warn you about the dangerous emotional cancer of procrastination. I find when somebody knows that "x" is the right thing to do, but requires them doing something out of the ordinary, they play a game with themselves; they set everything aside to "think it over" or intend to "do it later" - Beware!! 

I'll tell you something, successful entrepreneurs do NOT engage in these mind games and delays. It is immediately dangerous because again, I warn you: This will be a SELL OUT – I'm not kidding – the venue only allows us to seat 150 people AND THAT'S IT! - So you MUST act quickly or risk missing out!

 "Okay Sean... So how is this going to be different to any other ‘Internet Success' seminar?"

Good question... I'm going to put my head on the chopping board here... but the difference is poles apart. Here's why....

Simply because I'm the real deal guys!!! it's not just all theory – you will see how easy it is LIVE on the spot – you can't beat a live demonstration, right? I'm not one of those presenters who just gives you snippets of info and leaves you thinking you can't do it without their system.

That's not what I'm about... Sure, you will have an opportunity to use some tools that could make it faster and easier for you, but either way... I reveal EVERYTHING!!! It boils down to this:

... What this seminar is NOT ...

  • It is NOT a multi speaker "pitch-fest" where you're being sold to all day
  • It is NOT a MLM multi level network marketing business in disguise
  • It is NOT out-dated information that has been recycled or rehashed
  • It is NOT some warm and fuzzy hyped up motivational seminar
  • It is NOT some high-tech hard-to-understand
    information overload
  • It is NOT only suited for experienced tech savvy people
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Here's my take... If you're going to invest the time out of your busy schedule to join us at this special event... then this is what you need to know...

Here's What To Look Forward Too...

  • You will still comprehend it all even if you are a complete NEWBIE
  • You will hear and see the very latest proven working systems
  • You can ask questions to our team without feeling embarrassed
  • You will be able to meet other like minded people and network
  • You won't need a lot of capital (if any) to implement what you learn
  • You can instantly implement these strategies when you get home
  • You'll be learning from one of the worlds leading Internet Business Coaches 

"Sounds great Sean ... Okay, I'm sitting down now...
So how much is this seminar going to cost me?"

That's the best part... THE PRICE!!

I know I've harped on this subject... but I'm going to prove to you that what I teach is the REAL DEAL and I'm TRUE to my word. So in a temporary moment of insanity... I'm letting you attend for FREE! (But there is a catch...)

Look, I could've easily put a ticket price of $1000 on this event... and you know what?

It would've still been a steal at that price. But I know what it's like just starting out... I know that right now... $1000 could be hard to part with... So here's your chance to "test me out" and feel the water first. Sound fair?

Not only that... But you get TWO Tickets for FREE!! Experience tells us that you will absorb more information PLUS are more likely to take action if you bring a friend. True story

-> Click here for workshop details <-

Or call 1300 956 757 to claim your Free Seat

So what's the catch?

Glad you asked. You might be thinking... "Why would I be throwing on a free seminar? There's gotta be something in it for me, right?"

Let me clear the air… Unlike other so-called "experts" I WILL NOT give you some half-baked information and leave you hanging wondering what to do next.

I'm determined to expose the truth and show you just how easy it is to make money online... FAST

I have a different approach –

I've decided to POUR out my very best information for you – don't hold anything back – GIVE it all to you for FREE!! Why? Here's my theory...

I figure there may be a handful of people who will see what such tremendous value I give, that whenever they feel they need further education or help… then I'll be the first person they think of :-) ... Well…that's my theory anyway.

Am I leaving myself open to be taken advantage of? Sure. Can people come in and suck out my information for free and laugh all the way to the bank? Absolutely...

But hey... if it leads to good fortune for them... and if it has a ripple effect on others... then that's cool with me. At least I can sleep at night knowing that I haven't cheated anyone.

So either way... The benefits you'll get when attending this seminar, is stacked to the roof!! You've literally got nothing to lose!

But there is a Warning...

You Snooze – You Lose

 We're placing a strict limit on this event

We're capping the numbers to 200 people only for each event... otherwise we'll cause a fire hazard!

Don't be fooled to think you've got plenty of time to register – because you don't - we're expecting a rush that would make a "Boxing Day Sale" seem quiet in comparison. I'm not joking...

No this is not some sneaky marketing trick – Here's the reality... if you try and register after the 200 limit – then you will be politely refused and put onto a waiting list. Sorry, no exceptions!

So please, no abusive phone calls or nasty emails if you miss out, okay. I did warn you.

-> Click here for workshop details <-

Or call 1300 956 757 to claim your Free Seat

How to get the most out of this seminar...

  • Here's a way to cement the lessons into your mind permanently. Bring a friend. That's right... having someone with you will stimulate conversations before and after the seminars PLUS in the breaks. The more you discuss what you're learning, the more it will seep into your subconscious mind, and the, more likely you will be to IMPLEMENT these powerful lessons and TAKE ACTION!
  • Don't take pages and pages and pages of notes! This maybe contrary to what you're used to hearing, but it's been proven that if you just make some simple short bullet points about the highlights of the content, then you will absorb more of the information than if you just had your head down buried in your notepad.
  • Have a specific intent in your mind before you turn up! Take the time to work out exactly what you intend to take away with you from this seminar – write it down if you can – either way, have a clear specific intent of what you EXPECT to learn AND how your life will improve from this new found knowledge. Get the idea?
  • Step out of your comfort zone and network with other attendees! This is not compulsory of course... but it's far too important not to leave out of this letter. Talk to any of the big players in our industry and they'll all tell you this... "Some of the BIGGEST income exploding opportunities they've come across is by having conversations with other seminar attendees and setting up joint venture arrangements!"
-> Click here for workshop details <-

Or call 1300 956 757 to claim your Free Seat

5 excuses that'll keep you broke...

  • I'm too busy and don't have time
  • It'll work for you but not for me
  • I know NOTHING about the internet
  • I don't have anything to sell
  • I'm already spending everything I earn

Okay... YES, I have empathy... I know how you feel... but if you want to break through these circumstances... if you want to flip this around and completely ELIMINATE these roadblocks...

And if you are REALLY serious about adding a SOLID extra income stream to your life... and (hopefully) GROWING it to the point where it becomes you main income...

... Then it's time some straight talk.

Look, if you want the sugar coated, watered down version, then you might as well pack up your lunch and sit at another table...

But if you're thick skinned and can handle a reality check.... then read on to find breakthrough to new financial heights:

Still here? Good, Let's roll up the sleeves. Here's the sobering reality. You need to flip your EXCUSES into REASONS.

One excuse for someone... will be a massive reason why for someone else.

I'm not sure you're getting it... I'll explain this way...

Which one are you?

x A loser will say... I'm too busy – so I can't make it.
x A winner will say... I'm too busy – So I need to come so I can have more time in the future
x A loser will say... It'll work for you but not for me, so I'll give it a miss.
x A winner say... it'll work for you, and I need to find out how it can work for me, so I'll come.
x A loser will say... I don't have a product to sell... So it's not for me.
x A winner will say... I don't have a product to sell.... YET... But I'm open to hear new ideas to make it work.
x A loser will say... I don't have money, so I can't go.
x A winner will say... I don't have any money... So I NEED to go to fix this.
x A loser will say... But I don't know anything about the Internet, so I'm not going to waste my time.
x A winner will say... I don't know anything about the Internet, but if it'll help me succeed faster then I'll attend.

Bottom line: If you let your excuses get in the way of your REASONS, then you're dead in the water. Plain and simple!

I'm not going to water this done for you and give you the

So there you have it... What next?

Simple. All you have to do is press the button below, and you will be taken to a secure page where we you can leave your details. Once you've done that, we will shoot you a confirmation email and special instructions for the event.

-> Click here for workshop details <-

Or call 1300 956 757 to claim your Free Seat

Take care... and we'll see you on the day. Make sure you come up and say hi.

To your success...

Sean Roach
And the Catapult family

P.S. So if you are ready to make a change in your life... and if you're smart enough to realise that the Internet is where the money is... then we need to meet. After today, you can never complain again about never having enough money. Why? Because this invitation for you to take 2 free tickets (valued at $1000 each) maybe the very best chance you will come across to financial freedom.

P.P.S. Quick reminder... We are capping the numbers to this seminar to 200 attendees only... first-in-first-served... no exceptions. And only the first 200 applicants who register in the next 10days can claim their special prize. Literally tens of thousands of people will be hearing about this epic event, so to avoid disappointment of missing out, you need to book your tickets right now – while it's fresh in your mind.

P.P.P.S. Here's another reminder... YOU have a RED HOT real chance to be picked out from the audience and GIFTED with your very own LIVE moneymaking website! That's enough reason on it's own to lock in your seats – let alone all of the amazing free information that you will be receiving on top of that. If there ever was a time when all of your ducks lined up at one time... then this is it. Weather your goal is to simply generate an extra $2000 per month... or may $5,000, $10,000 or $20,000 per month? Either way... You can make it happen faster when you follow our rules. So go ahead and grab your 2 FREE tickets now before someone

-> Click here for workshop details <-

Or call 1300 956 757 to claim your Free Seat


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Geelong Thur Feb 27 OVER  
Melbourne PM Sat Mar 1 OVER  
Brisbane Wed Mar 5 OVER  
Sydney AM Sat Mar 8 95% Full  
Adelaide Wed Feb 26 OVER  
Melbourne AM Sat Mar 1 OVER  
Sunshine Coast Tue Mar 4 OVER  
Gold Coast Thu Mar 6 OVER  
Sydney PM Sat Mar 8 96% Full  
Sean Roach

"I promise to show you how to RELIEVE your financial stress or worry... and add an extra sizable income stream into your home by turning your passion or know-how into a profitable online income... even if you don't know much about the Internet." ~ Sean Roach


Steve Jobs, President Barack
Obama and Richard Branson
All Endorse Sean’s Book
Steve Jobs
"The success of a company isn't based on money but the people you have running it. More employees need to appreciate the perspecite outlined in this book!"
Barack Obama
"Everyone should try to realize their full potential’. I said that in 2005 and believe Sean is saying the same thing in his book. It’s time for change so get off your duff."
Richard Branson
"It’s an inspiring collection of people, like myself, who have worked hard, believed they could do it and are excited about the prospects."
Howard Schultz
"Sean Roach is here not to impress you but impress upon you that when you Pour Your Heart Into It, you D.A.R.E
to be fulfilled."
Raving Reviews
From $900 a week to
$924.07 in a Day”

Sean, I am so amazed by what I learned and how to work with the huge company like AAAAAAAA.

I went from $900 in a week to $924.07 in A DAY!

The way you teach things just made it simple to understand that anyone can do this even me.

Thank you for Changing my LIFE!"

~ Chad Brandstead, Irvine, CA

"Had No Idea How To Build A Website…"

“WOW, Sean we had no idea how to build a website let alone many websites.

Your site builder was simple and with the ideas you gave us in working with AAAAAAAA we are well on our way.

The money we made so far with our Sites and AAAAAAAA is SO exciting. Over $2,300 this month alone.This Stuff Rocks!”

~ Jose Rodriguez,
Cabo San Lucas, MX

“I Have Made More in
a Week Than I Have
In 5 Years”

Thank You so much for Everything. I am published in fiction anthologies (in print) but books don’t sell, except to universities and the like.

I decided to go to your Live Event and give a few things I learned a try.

I have made more in a week then I have in FIVE YEARS."

~ Nicole - Toronto, Canada

“Sean my Dream
has Come True”

Sean, my dream has come true. I spend my days now with family.

I’m Making Money with AAAAAAAA in Reiki, Health and Massage Niche & I did not write a word for any of the product(s)!

How GREAT is that? Every day I make money ($4,893.18 last month) from my products and when I find a new HOT Topic I have new products made!

Thank You for making something that is Simple & WORKS!"

~ Norman D., Ireland

“1300 Likes On Facebook”

"Hey Sean, Thank you for taking the time to speak with me briefly at the event about my online store and how to market it via the social media avenues.

I just want to let you know that i used your idea that you suggested off the top of your head, got over 1300 likes on the thread on my facebook.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me It was INSANE, literally everyone was talking about it.

You suggested to make customers qualify for the exclusive products on facebook by getting customers to comment on a post and then get as many people as possible to like their comment.

I had two customers with over 650 likes EACH on their posts!

Thank you so much for the advice! I’m very young in business (im 20 and still at university) and am very exctied that I have someone like you to follow and learn from" Thank you so much"

~ Daniel Bradshaw,
Perth Australia

“Made My Books Bestsellers in 4 Days”

Sean has an amazing Relationship with so many different Internet Companies.

The things you find out and he tell us has been MONTHS before others even have a clue... and your KATAPULT system made my book(s) BEST SELLERS in 4 days!

This is giving me the good life and putting over $1,200 a day in my pocket! ”

~ Curt Woster. - Denver, CO

‘Sean You Saved Me…”

Sean you Saved Me. I got kicked off AAAAAAAA. Sean came in with his connections with AAAAAAAA.com and got me back in the game.

I’m now making about $518 A DAY with what I learned at your Live Events. THANK YOU!”

~ Richard Singer,
Las Vegas USA

Andre Agassi, Gene Simmons
and Colleen Barrett
All Endorse Sean’s Book
Andre Agassi
"If more people did what Sean says in this book, the world would be a different place!"
H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum
"Sean Roach portrays a philosophy I truly believe in–one cannot neglect
change or believe it takes
luck to be successful for they risk being disappointed."
Gene Simmons
"It’s hard work getting rich! Everyone in this book is
living proof of that! That’s
the lesson people will take away from this book."
Colleen Barrett
"I LUV the title of your
book! I am honored and humbled that you would
include me in your book."
Wildlife WarriorsSeans Clients

"First of all I’d like to say: THANK YOU! I think you are great! You have opened my eyes to many, many possibilities. I’ve always been afraid of computers, doing anything online, especially any type of business. But after listening to you speak in NYC and then reading your program, I’ve realized that it was not so difficult. Thanks for waking me up! It’s about time I should do something with my life and take first steps towards financial freedom."

~ Mirka L
New York, NY

"Sean has a gift for inspiration. After listening him speak for 15 minutes, you’re ready to go out and conquer the world! More importantly, it’s not empty talk. It’s clear to me that Sean does the necessary research on what he’s speaking about. I always come away with lots of innovative, exciting ideas to think about. His thoughts regarding networking and the science of accessing people in the 21st century are truly revolutionary"

~ Robert Gage, Former CIO,
Motion Pictures – Sony Pictures Entertainment

"Sean has an insightful and unique way of looking at a business that I have only seen in a few people. The people that he is able to get access to and his ability to teach others how to gain this level of access continually amazes me."

~ Jan Jones,
Harrah’s Entertainment Inc.

"I have heard 100’s of speakers over the past 15 years and I consider Sean to be one of the very best. His material gives an enormous amount of practical take home and use tomorrow information and he’s very helpful in answering questions. I would highly recommend Sean’s seminars to anyone."

~ Dr. Scott L.
San Diego, CA

"What makes Sean’s presentations so great is that not only does he provide you with tons of great tips and insider knowledge, but he also inspires you to take action.   I left with pages full of notes, ideas, and a plan to make it all happen."

~ Gene C.
Oakland, CA

"I just heard you speak tonight and I have to thank you. You were amazing! I am not sure if you saw my face while you were speaking, but I was grinning like a Cheshire cat, because your point about having passion and finding a niche…is me to the T."

~ Larry B.
Long Beach, CA

"I just wanna thank you for your excellent seminar last night. You gave me good ideas and inspiration for the future. I can’t believe how blind I was. You are an amazing speaker! Thank you again."

~ Ales S.
Santa Monica, CA

"It was wonderful meeting you at the seminar tonight. You are a fantastic speaker! I got tremendous value out of your presentation and have already been putting to use many of the resources you shared."

~ Jiah T.
Los Angeles, CA

"One of the most challenging aspects of business is finding and gaining access to the right people. Sean’s program, Access Anyone, combined with his knowledge of the Internet and visionary business strategies, teaches you how to reach those goals in very tangible ways."

~ Emmet B. Keeffe III,
CEO and co-Founder of iRise

"We are pleased to have Sean join our Board [of Directors] in San Diego.  During the past 3 years, Sean has actively participated in several fundraising efforts, as well as opening doors for BBBS to meet prospective donors and sources of volunteers to be Bigs."

~ Paul Palmer,
Former President and CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of San Diego County

"I always say if you want exercise go to the gym, don’t get it by jumping to conclusions and that is what Sean does. He not only works out, he works out his brain by looking at things from a different point of view. Which I have found is the way great ideas are created and why he creates great things"

~ Dr. Monte Greenawalt, Founder and inventor of Foot Levelers.

I know I say it often and repeatedly, but I do not feel as if I can say it enough - your team exceeds any possible expectation EVERY TIME!! I am SO GRATEFUL for your support. What an amazing thing, to be a part of someone's dreams coming into fruition - I hope you all Know and Feel that as you work! Thank you, again and again, for being the wind beneath my wings! May you be as completely blessed as I am grateful for you!

California USA

Hi Sean,
I just had to email you because I am beyond excited. You seriously are a genius and a gift to all! All I can say about the Secret Sauce is. Hallelujah!

Anytime you want a live testimonial on stage just give me a call. I’m serious! This is just too good. Just from the one very simple tip, I hit the #1 spot for my niche within 1 hour.

I had weeks of hassle before meeting you, and in 1 hour of KDP reclassifying my book for me, I was #1 in my niche for Spirituality/New Age/Self-help.
Pinch me, I must be dreaming. I am so glad I met you!

Auckland New Zealand

Thank you Sean for this great opportunity. I am always indebted to you for your kindnesses. This is so helpful.

Wellington New Zealand

Thank you so much for making a fairly complex analysis quite clear and manageable. You my friend, are a marketing genius. I am appreciating your assistance and quality of help with this project - greatly. I am really, really happy with what you have done here.

Once again you have given me clear, crisp and I do believe excellent advice. I am liking your knowledge expertise and abilities very much. My sincere gratitude to you.

Brisbane Australia

"If you want to access people and prosperity, Sean’s your guy. His unique combination of high tech and high touch gives you the ability to leverage any situation. Whether you’re a business leader or an author, you’ll find that Sean’s a captivating speaker and a no-nonsense businessman."

~ Tom Clancy,
New York Times Bestselling Author.

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